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My Dad,

Frank Jenkins

265 Ross Dow Award.jpg

My Father In Law,

Ross Baker

Hi, I’m Frank, but you can call me Pops! 

I've always loved working with wood.  I honed my skills by working alongside my Dad and my Father in Law.  In 2014, I decided to make a new family name sign for my home. I picked up one of my routers, inventoried my bits, found a nice piece of wood.....and set about designing and making the new sign for our home (pictured above).

I was hooked!  I have spent countless hours researching and learning new techniques of designing and carving signs.  The more I learned, the more I became intrigued with this artwork.  It didn't take long for this hobby to become my passion. And turn that passion into my business!

I recently traveled to Golden Valley, Arizona, to attend a 2-day hands-on sign carving seminar with my mentors, who are world-renowned carving experts. At the seminar, I learned some of the latest techniques for carving wood signs with a handheld wood router. I also learned new methods for completing projects using different finishing products and techniques.


Why Pops Custom Signs?

My signs aren't "county fair" quality signs. Each sign is hand-carved, hand-painted, and sealed with either a marine grade varnish or polyurethane to help protect the finish.  This means I do not use a computer to do the carving.  Each sign is unique and one of a kind.

​I also offer handmade Cutting Boards and Cedar Chests that will become family heirlooms, as well as other specialty items.  I can even try to repair your broken items.  Bring your wants and wishes to me.  Let's see if I can fulfill your hopes and dreams.

Return policy:

I want my customers to be satisfied with their purchase.  Inspect your purchase upon receipt.  If I failed to satisfy you, please contact me immediately for instructions on returning the item.  Upon inspection of the returned item, I will contact you.  Together, we will discuss the issue and try to find a resolution. 


It's important to note that even with several coats of finish applied, the weather will affect the finish and the sign will eventually need to be repaired.

Let me turn your designs into signs!
Please call or text (979) 848-6448
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