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Crafting Memories That Last a Lifetime

Since 2009, I've been on a journey fueled by passion, creativity, and the joy of seeing smiles light up faces. It all began as a humble hobby, hand carving signs with handheld wood routers, each stroke a unique masterpiece crafted for my cherished customers.

In 2018, after retiring, the whispers of encouragement from family and friends transformed my passion into something more. Thus, Pops Custom Signs, LLC, was born in 2019. With every stroke of the router, I poured my heart into creating personalized creations that spoke volumes to the souls they adorned.

Yet, life has its twists and turns. A wrist ailment halted the rhythmic dance of the router in my left hand, dimming the prospect of hand-carved wonders. But where one door closes, another opens.

Enter laser engraving, a new chapter in the tale of craftsmanship. What began with a single 30-watt CO2 laser has blossomed into a symphony of precision and creativity, fueled by two CO2 lasers (30watt and 60watt) and an 80watt fiber laser.


With these tools at my disposal, the possibilities are boundless. From engraving on your cherished items to providing bespoke creations, I stand ready to weave magic into your memories. Explore both the "Gallery" and the "Laser Engraving" tabs for a glimpse into the world of personalized treasures I have created, as well as catalogs of items I have to offer.

Though the hand that once carved now guides lasers, the essence remains unchanged. Each piece I create is not just an object; it's a testament to love, legacy, and the timeless artistry of craftsmanship. Let me craft family heirlooms that transcend time, treasures to be cherished by generations yet to come.

At Pops Custom Signs, I don't just engrave; I etch memories that last a lifetime. Join me on this journey of craftsmanship and legacy.

My Humble Beginnings

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