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I started hand carving signs in 2009 as a hobby.  I used handheld wood routers to carve each custom sign for my customers.  I have always enjoyed seeing customer's smile each time I hand them their sign.  So, in 2018, after retirement, with the encouragement of family and friends, Pops Custom Signs, LLC, was officially created.  I have enjoyed creating these unique, one of a kind, personalized creations.......and I wish I could still create these for you by hand.

However, due to a wrist ailment, I am no longer able to hold any vibrating equipment in my left hand.  So hand carving with a wood router is no longer possible for me.  Fortunately, prior to this ailment occurring, I had ventured into laser engraving.  I started with one 30watt CO2 laser.  I now have two different CO2 lasers, a 30watt and a 60watt.  I also have an 80watt fiber laser.

The combination of these three lasers means I can pretty well personalize your gifts using most any material imaginable.  I have the capabilities of engraving on your items, as well as furnishing items for you.  Click on the "Laser Engraving" tab above for catalog links of just some of the items I can offer you.

I may no longer be able to hand carve your custom signs, but I can laser engrave your custom signs and create family heir looms that will last, and will be cherished by generations to come.

My Humble Beginnings

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